A New Mini Ice Age?

British astrophycicist and long range weather forcaster Piers Corbyn stated the beginning of a new Mini Ice Age (MIA) due to low solar activity. Again and again Corbyn´s forcasts were astonishingly successful although long range forcasts are extremely difficult because the atmosphere is classified as a chaotic system.


Announcement of coming new Mini Ice Age on Weather Action

Piers Corbyn developped his so called Solar (and Lunar) Weather Technique in recent decades. He compares past Solar activity (solar irridiance, sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections) and historical weather patterns with a statistical analysis.

Corbyn´s theory goes like this: Solar magnetic field and particle radiation depend on Solar activity. Radiation of charged solar particles affects behaviour of weather-determining jetstreams via terrestrial magnetic field and ionosphere. This is why jetstreams are also charged by electrical input from thunderstorms (in low pressure systems) and therefore they have their own magnetic fields. Also the lunar movement is very important for shielding solar particle radiation if the Moon is passing on it´s orbit between Sun and Earth.

Piers Corbyn explaining his Solar Weather (and Lunar) Technique

Evidence for global cooling comes from last decade falling global temperature and from more and more frequent strange behaviour of the jetstream. Jetstream is unusually wavy and often far south, typical signs of cool-down periods.

Piers Corbyn doesn´t believe in manmade global warming to CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The Sun is the major driver of climate, he says. And the Sun is weakening. Global cooling will impact seriously agriculture and world economy, Curbyn warns. If he will finally right?

Jens Christian Heuer

Source: Weather Action